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Thursday, 23 April 2020

Shailesh Barge  article Our Protectors  कोरोनामुळे आपण घरात अडकून पडलो आहोत.या काळात आपल्याला फक्त घरात राहून स्वत-ची काळजी घ्यायची आहे.घराबाहेर आपल्या सर्वांसाठी अनेकजण जिवाचे रान करत आहेत.

कोरोनामुळे आपण घरात अडकून पडलो आहोत. या काळात आपल्याला फक्त घरात राहून स्वत-ची काळजी घ्यायची आहे. घराबाहेर आपल्या सर्वांसाठी अनेकजण जिवाचे रान करत आहेत. आपण आज एक वेगळी कृती करून त्यांच्याप्रति आदर व्यक्त करूया. समाजाची सेवा करणाऱ्या तीन आरोग्यदूतांशी संबंधित ही कृती आहे.

बातम्या ऐकण्यासाठी डाऊनलोड करा ई-सकाळचे ऍप

There are four boxes. There are pictures in the first three boxes. These three persons are protecting us during lockdown. There are some sentences in the fourth box. Read all the sentences carefully. Do the activity in your notebook. Draw a table of three columns. Write the name of each professional as a heading. Write each sentence under the correct heading. Each sentence belongs to one of the three persons. You can add your own sentences as well. Study the example. You can snap and share your answers with your friends and crosscheck the answers. 
Policeman/soldier Doctor Sweeper 


I have a gun. I have a broom. I have injections. 
I have a stethoscope. I have a dustpan. I travel in a bullet-proof jeep. 
We use jeep for patrolling. We use ambulances. We collect garbage in trollies. 
I have a night-vison goggle. I have hand-cuffs. I check patients. 
We arrest criminals. We keep city clean. We operate patients. 
We ring bells and collect garbage. We do vaccinations, We visit houses and collect garbage. 
We maintain law and order. I give medicines. We segregate dry and wet garbage. 
We have dustbins. We have thermometers. We arrest people who come out during lockdowns without any valid reason. I give prescriptions. I have a bullet-proof jacket. 
We clean roads, footpaths and public places. 


Doctor Soldier/Policeman Sweeper 
I have a gun. 

स्पष्ट, नेमक्या आणि विश्वासार्ह बातम्या वाचण्यासाठी 'सकाळ'चे मोबाईल अॅप डाऊनलोड करा
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