How to do Self Study During Lockdown of Biology XI and XII Syllabus? Read this

Prof. Manisha Mandhare  
Saturday, 6 June 2020

State Board Biology XI and XII Syllabus, Guidelines To students For Self Study During Lockdown Due To CoVid -19

Biology is an interesting subject which is all about life, its composition, development, about nature , environment, inventions, research and lot more. The class XII HSc board Biology syllabus has been designed under the supervision of (COBSE) Council Of Boards Of School Education in India.

The syllabus is formulated after analyzing top state syllabus and NCERT syllabus. The textbook has been revised so that students appearing for board, (NEET) National Elligibility cum Entrance Test and other competitive exam could receive the required knowledge. Class XI and XII Biology syllabus is vast and has several topics. The first step for the students is to go through the syllabus at the beginning of academic year, which will help them to study in an organized and systematic way. Knowing the syllabus is crucial part for higher secondary. It provides the students with a direction for their studies and act as a guide to prepare the study plan. Knowing the syllabus gives them a brief knowledge of the topics they have to study.  

XI Biology Textbook has covered total 5 units 
I-Diversity In living World-1)Living World, 2)Systematics Of Living Organisms, 3)Kingdom Plantae, 4)Kingdom Animalia.
II-Cell Structure And Function-5) Cell structure and organization,           6) Biomolecules, 7)Cell Division.
 III-Structural Organization In Organisms-8) Plant Tissues And Anatomy,  9) Morphology Of Flowering plants 10) Animal Tissues   11) Study Of  Animal Type : Cockroach’.
 V-Plant Physiology-12) Photosynthesis, 13) Respiration and Energy Transfer.
 V-Animal Physiology-14) Human Nutrition, 15) Excretion And Osmoregulation, 16) Skeleton and Movement.

XII Biology Textbook has 5 units
I-Reproduction 1) Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants  , 2)Reproduction in Lower and Higher Animals.
II-Genetics and Evolution 3) Inheritance and Variation, 4)Molecular Basis Of Inheritance, 5) Origin and Evolution Of Life.
III-Physiology-6) Plant Water Relation, 7) Plant Growth and Mineral Nutrition, 8)Respiration and Circulation, 9) Control and Co-ordination
IV-Applied Biology 10)Human Health and Diseases, 11)Enhancement In Food Production, 12) Biotechnology.
V-Ecology and Environment 13) Organisms and Population, 14)Ecosystems and Energy Flow, 15)Biodiversity ,Conservation and Environmental Issues.

We are facing a hard time due to Covid 19 pandemic these days. The schools ,colleges ,universities are closed.  Safety and health of students is the prime concern. Technology may play an important role in lockdown period like Study from home. Most part of the upcoming academic teaching and learning will be available by on-line interactive teaching and learning tools. Digital teaching learning include videos uploaded by teachers, power point presentations with audio, online tests, demonstrations of experiments, animated clips,  3-D pictures, mobile based learning models for effective delivery.  Open source digital learning solutions and learning management sources are to be adopted so the teachers will be able to conduct teaching online. There are multiple platforms which let the students access video lectures. The Ministry of Human Resource Department has made all “SWAYAM” courses free for students. The DIKSHA platform with reach across all States in India ,can be further strengthened to ensure accessibility of learning to the students.

स्पष्ट, नेमक्या आणि विश्वासार्ह बातम्या वाचण्यासाठी 'सकाळ'चे मोबाईल अॅप डाऊनलोड करा
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