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Aba Gaware
Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Computer Science is a vocational subject of 200 marks. It consists two papers i.e. Paper I and Paper II. Each paper is of 100 marks. Computer science 200 Marks

Friends, This is the era of computers. So how can you stay away from computer science. That is why we are now going to understand the syllabus of computer science in class XII

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XII Computer Science
Computer Science is a vocational subject of 200 marks. It consists two papers i.e. Paper I and Paper II. Each paper is of 100 marks. Computer science 200 Marks

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This is a scoring subject which will help you to increase your percentage in HSC board examination because out of 200 marks, 100 marks are for practical’s. Paper I and Paper II syllabus overview and the important points are as follows :

Paper I is related to software. It includes total 4 chapters, they are Operating system, Data structure, C++ and HTML. Operating system and C++ topics have more weightage as compare to other two chapters. So study and understand the operating system and C++ concepts thoroughly. Data structures includes types of data structures, data structure operations Sorting, searching, merging, etc. and their algorithms. Concept of Linked list, stack, que, binary tree and their representation in memory. Last chapter includes HTML tags and their use in web page designing also prepare HTML programs related to table and lists. Some paper 1 practical’s are based on visual BASIC theory which is covered in XI std.  

Paper II is related to hardware. It consists of total 5 chapters, they are Introduction to Microprocessor and organization of 8085, instruction set and programming of 8085, introduction to INTEL X-86 family, Introduction to microcontroller and last chapter is networking technologies.  In this paper, study the architecture of 8085 and its pin diagram and understanding the functions of each block of 8085 microprocessors. In second unit Prepare all the instruction along with their example, also practice 8085 based assembly language programs. Prepare a chart of instructions and their operations. In Paper II there are many block diagrams so Prepare all the block diagrams with proper labelling and daily practice them. The last chapter is Networking – types of network, different types of cables, topologies, network connectivity devices.  Study thoroughly chapter 1,2 and 5 as more weightage is given to these chapters in HSC board exam.

Guidelines to study and score good marks: Exam duration for Paper I and Paper II is of 3 hours each.
- Time management is very important (first 2 hours for Q1 to Q4 and last one hour is for Q.5 i.e. for writing programs and rechecking).
- Q1A. Select the correct alternative and rewrite the complete sentence and underline the correct answer.
- Practice C++, HTML programs in paper I and assembly language programs in paper II.
- Do not write answers in paragraphs, write answers in points.
- Highlight the main points because marks are given point wise.
- In Paper II, Prepare all diagram with proper labels.
- Solve previous years HSC board question papers.
- Short and effective studying—study more frequently but in smaller chunks of time.
- Understand what you know and what you don’t know, review your mistakes thoroughly.

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