How To Study Smart During Lockdown...Here is the way...          

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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Most Schools and Colleges have moved towards online classes and being focused in these new classrooms is a daunting task. Students note that this downtime is when you can cover most of yourself study and revision of the taught  syllabus.

Most Schools and Colleges have moved towards online classes and being focused in these new classrooms is a daunting task. Students note that this downtime is when you can cover most of yourself study and revision of the taught  syllabus. Most part of the upcoming academic teaching and learning will be available by online interactive teaching and learning tools. Digital teaching learning include videos uploaded by teachers, Skype, Google Duo, Zoom and Whatapp, MS power point presentations with audio, online tests, demonstrations of experiments, animated clips,  3-D pictures, mobile based learning models for effective delivery.  Open source digital learning solutions and learning management sources will be adopted so the teachers can conduct teaching online. There are multiple platforms which let the students access video lectures. The Ministry of Human Resource Department has made all “SWAYAM” courses free for students

The DIKSHA platform with reach across all States in India ,can be further strengthened to ensure accessibility of learning to the students.

Here are some tips for practicing successful Studying (I) The new updated curriculum is based on disciplinary approach with rigor and depth taking care that syllabus is not heavy and at the same time it is compatible to the international level. There is a need to provide conceptual background of each subject which will help students to appear for different common entrance test at the state and national level. This new syllabus will make you competent to meet the challenges of academic and professional courses after HSc. Syllabus is comparable to the international level. The syllabus is formulated after analyzing top state syllabus and NCERT syllabus. The textbook has been revised so that students appearing for board, (NEET) National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, JEE and other competitive exam could receive the required knowledge. The first step for the students is to go through the syllabus at the beginning of academic year, which will help you to study in an organized and systematic way.

Knowing the syllabus is crucial part for higher secondary. It provides the students with a direction for their studies and act as a guide to prepare the study plan. Knowing the syllabus gives you a brief knowledge of the topics you have to study. ( II ) When you start Online lectures it is always advised that you read the chapter before the lecture from the text, this will help you know which unit and subunits will be covered during the lecture. Content must be known so reading the chapter is very important. Students note that this downtime is when you can cover most of your study and revision of the taught syllabus, you don’t have to give time for dressing up or travelling to college. You have plenty of time for yourself use it smartly.

You all are big enough now to understand and plan the accurate method of learning. Make a study plan for which you have to first know the syllabus with macro goals (monthly target) and micro goals (weekly target), so that study plan can be created around the topics. See the number of chapters in each of the Units in the text. Plan can be created around the chapters, units covered in them, how many units can be covered in a day, this is based on the number of chapters you have to study in a month, you can make a weekly plan accordingly assign time based on understanding of the topic and weightage of the topic in exam.

These goals should be visible on your wall make a wall planner. At the beginning you may see it as impossible, but ticking on the subunits and units covered each day and seeing your past progress will act as a self-motivator to your study. When you are focused, you all have to leave laziness, make a routine maintain it, you have to be regular in studying everyday as per the timetable you will make. After every 2 to 3 hours of study you need a break of atleast half an hour. Another important thing you should be away from distractions mobile games and such. (III) Take Notes-It is important to take notes while you are attending the online lectures. Include all the important topics covered during the lecture, details of the source and note the page numbers from the text of each information. (IV) Actual Study - It is scientifically proven that what one imagines comes true, so everyday before you start studying close your eyes and think you have covered the part of syllabus you have planned. You will definitely finish learning what is planned, this is called “Mental Contrasting “what you imagine comes true.
There are awesome apps for students for self motivation “The Forest App”
“The Good Wall App”
These are the motivational apps that gives the inspiration everyday. (V) Online Video lectures –Always read more than your textbooks, watch online videos there are multiple platforms you can find them on the portals, you can also access video tutorials and test yourself. 

Always think big , have faith in yourself and your abilities ,with boundless vision and determination, self -motivation and dedication anything is achievable. Dream big ,say I will be the topper, follow the 4R’s Read, Revise, Reproduce and Reinforce. Students recap is very important our brain forget what we have read in 43 hours, so make a habit of revising what you have studied the next day. Reviewing can help in long-term absorption of material. Have a clear concept in your mind that there is no alternative but to study hard. All students are in the race, rather different races, you should win the race with proper efforts.

- Manisha Mandhare, Modern College Pune

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